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Ninja High School is a positive hardcore dance-rap band from Toronto. We (coincidentally and unintentionally) have the same name as a comic book, which we're told is very nice.

We are Matt Collins (lyrical geniusing), Gregory Collins (grunge yelling), Star DT (complaints), Anna Cvitkovic (good times officer), Adrian Cvitkovic (press liason coordinator), and Steven Kado (advanced hyping).

Past/peripheral/spiritual members include Wolfgang Nessel (rug-cutting), Peter Thorne (enthusiasm + filling-in), Craig Dunsmuir (hooting + carrying on), and Slavoj Žižek (thanks for the ideas). You can email us. Press inquiries go here.

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young adults against suicide (tomlab)

Euro/Worldwide release scheduled for October 18, 2005, U.S. release scheduled for Nov. 15; both on Tomlab. Our first full-length, featuring even more yelling about semiotics. MP3 samples: by purpose not by plan (sex nerds mix), shake it off

young adults against suicide (blocks)

Canadian edition on Blocks Recording Club available now!! The Blocks version has an extra bonus track. Read the lyrics.

by purpose not by plan/it's all right to fight 7"

A 7" out on Tomlab's excellent "Alphabet Series". Limited edition of 500 copies. Manufactured to the highest specifications, pressed on 180-gram vinyl. Both sides coated with Permajam™.

we win!

The NHS debut ep! Released in 2004, AVAILABLE NOW from Blocks Recording Club. Featuring more positive hardcore disguised as 'rap' than anyone has ever shaken a stick at in their entire lives!! INCREDIBLE songs and beautifully subtle production. Sample MP3: NHS is gonna rock you

blocks "toronto is great!" compilation

The Toronto Is Great!! compilation is a persuasive document of the recent Toronto-based Positive Music Explosion. We have a track on there called "It's Gonna Be Us!", a different version of which is on our "We Win!" EP. We love Toronto and think that it is the greatest place in the entire world to reside in.

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tomlab, blocks recording club, MANHUNT, floatingthrulife