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the internet downtime has given me the chance to do some housekeeping on our website. we have this weblog now which means that we will probably post more in this space.

stuff that’s upcoming with us! the indie rock rave is happening on oct. 22 at the boat. i am going to be spinning a dancehall set, wolfgang who used to be in nhs will be spinning something, nhs band-buddy jonny dovercourt will be djing also, and nhs will perform as well as KIDS ON TV!!!! my brain just melted. we’re on at 4am and this is going to be our cd release party i.e. our new record will be available there.

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  1. andrew Says:

    Can you come lay Windsor? Please. Email me and perhaps we can set something up. Thanks.

  2. 134 paisley Says:

    holy hot monkeynuts. i would be so completely there if i wasn’t half way across the country.. as it is i will be forced to scour the weak-ass record stores in the west in a misguided attempt to find your record, only to give up and order it from tomlab..again.

    maybe i’ll just fly back.

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