young adults against suicide - lyrics


you're going home in a fucking ambulance!

fisticuffs in the street, we're intellectuals admitting to ourselves
we're collective animals. collection of west coast avengers annuals,
pop psychiatry and technical manuals.

something wild - and it's turned up too loud anyways. something wild -
but we're experts at this anyways. something wild - yr just repeating
yourselves anyways!

like "tell me why?" -- do i have to explain everything? bike racks
3:30, 31 yr jerseyed, Gauguin styles and hurting from the gravel in
your cuts. let's do this like adults, no ifs, ands, or guns. ignore
that student council election: nobody really speaks for us!

rep by pop - who you telling to shut up?? rep by pop - not interested
in quiet! rep by pop - your approach is invalid, think you're smart
'cause you never talk? lemme tell you what!!

a life unnoticed is a life sentence, skulking in the hallway hoping yr
name's never mentioned. noone can give you hassle if nobody's ever met
you - damned if i'm saying who this letter is addressed to!

like a sad song - that's not how you feel anyways! like a sad song -
acting like a victim anyways! sad song - you don't have it in you

yr passive aggression comes from a total lack of energy! you can't
fight that dude, white laces in your shoes, fashion sense crude, at
least you're true to yourself! but here's what else: what's worse,
white pants or belts? ethics & aesthetics got me madder than hell!

broken nose - communicate with flying fists! broken nose! cannot be
called gibberish! broken nose! closest thing to consensus... say i'm
wrong on this? well then prove it!

we really do believe in the ballot or the bullet. you say you do too,
but we don't think you would do it. election day comes and once again
you blew it, strategic voting is a myth!! so.... no improvement.

just as bad - but you helped it along anyways. just as bad - and you
think it's better anyways! just as bad - 'cause they're both rich
white dudes anyways.

pistol tramps cut 'cause they've memorized everything. victory! in
accord with hierarchies: history is fantasy and fuck preordained
destiny! revisionism nothing: i mean complete overhaul of everything!

cuddle thrash! you don't know what to believe. cuddle thrash! better
to know than to believe. cuddle thrash! do we mean hugs or wrestling?
why can't it be both, how can you say what those divisions mean??


wood panelled garbage lines my street. street lights light fires on
high heat. you pay - hell no, it's my treat. this kind of panic's no
small feat. everyone's got all kinds of demands - everything that they
want from this band. i can't say, it's outta my hands. this is the
hottest band in the land!

kiss yr flamethrower we're taking a stand! decoder rings out and undo
the scam. accept this even if you don't understand; better value than
the national brand. weight like some lesser baldwin, not a bath but a
cooking cauldron! all the geeks together like a squadron took over the
math department, and it goes like "now that we're in charge we can
add, put real bad ideas in yr head!"

catharsis is cheap don't settle for that, the formula becomes a steel
mental trap. if you still don't get what i'm saying, it's by purpose
not by plan...

snowing cash ashes all night now, sa
This is one of the best art projects I’ve seen in a long while. Lou Dobbs is having a fucking fit about this. Read the artist’s statement.t
step before we're impressed. the right outlook can be a bulletproof
vest: put your hands up, you're under arrest! minds made up before
i've confessed. never met a truth to which i can attest.

not for the cutting edge or the sellouts. politics jocks can GET THE
HELL OUT! can't get with if you only wanna shell out, gotta torch the
cash if you wanna get the smell out.

paint the burning bird on every block. argument tones removed from the
talk. figured answers for the questions you pop! ...and then the
secret meaning of life drops...


little grey bubbles, friend of mine in trouble. liberals all
huddle. new extreme is subtle. gradation is the key, black & white
world crumbles. quit shaking yr class struggles!  sick of money
scuffles. calling me a stranger, calling me a liar, appalling! 'cause
the motherfuckin' monument's on fire. saviour my behaviour, astronaut
parader, pretentious scream restrainer. homeless dudes with sabres
lead an invasion party....

invasion party! here's your invitation: we're leading you in song and
we're leading the invasion.

tribal safety prisons, kept against yr wishes. excuses all
fictitious. community leaders vicious. screaming "culture, heritage,"
but that shit's superstition. i say yr elders are complicit, you stick
then yr not with it. calling for a coup! overthrow the media. got the
nation thinking therefore they're no longer needing you. if the white
world's wrecked, it's a domino effect. still racists get respect! but
we have their home address...

showed us their mettle but we won't let 'em. crowds of thousands
heckle like boiling outta the kettle. letting ourselves in, else
there's no way that we settle. crossing over the threshold is why this
time is special. calling end to silence without calling for
violence. evaporating water that seperates our islands. getting
anywhere we want making known we're present. hell yeah! it's invasion
but hell no, not to threaten.

television's killing yr kids faster than cigarettes. still you sit and
watch, smacking on your nicorette. did i just hear somebody call the
killing fields picturesque?! mugging senior citizens to pay the
interest on your student debts. voted for a tax cut, suffered when the
rates went up; down to the last drop of liquor in yr coffee cup.

do you really think that you can't make any difference?? the way you
cling to laziness is borderline ridiculous! suckerpunch goes to
responsible & truthfulness. teaching it in school: backstabbing &
ruthlessness. denial is the key: don't own up to anything! don't say a
word unless it's muttered deep & quietly. every day & all the time,
people turn on honesty. ask them about before they say "i couldn't
tell you, honestly..."

apparently the doctors said my grandpa isn't that sick. or did they
just say that to keep grandma optimistic? seems in north america lies
are societally intrinsic, i was told lying's always harmful -- isn't
it or is it??? STOP LYING.


she has a revolver, well i have a monsoon! deep in the carpet of a
hotel room my feet sit. three heads like doom, just not zen yet. this
quartet would like to rend it weaponless. i watch the sunrise every
weekend, and when i'm speaking i'm not beating a dead horse. like
streaking the golf course. we realize that different is still real -
easy to lose sight of that. opposite to de stijl, we know you
recognize! everyone's themselves, and it's really not important. yr
mind's controlled by language, genetic codes and socially planned
rituals. talk about yourself. don't be a fool. ninja high school: not
number two, we finish third...

school party all night long!!

kingmaker, kingmaker, gonna put you in charge, i form an equation
about boss and lard, don't be alarmed... i'm not telling you what to
do but what i won't -- even with my back to the ropes, i still
cope. develop coping mechanisms? nope! beautiful, let's elope. i'll
live nine days in one anytime. with my mind in my robot and yr robot
on my robot. don't care about spending? then neither do i... nobody
can bribe me! i'm clean! cut off your wings, politically free, can't
you see? break up with ideology! "paradigms shift" -- that's bullshit!
permutations aren't in, they're finite, and all altars are
finished. no sacrifice tonight, no sacrifice have i...

he's on every guest list, meanwhile this other guy won't give us
one.. yr generation's done, career's dead, everything we do is over
your head. hanging at the drake, vampire heart us, existing is a stake
(HIGH STAKES).. and we break swords coming outta lakes, coming outta
stones, but we'll never be too big to rock in your suburban home while
they're Neroing their Rome. rolling stones otiose or you could be with
us, it's obvious: new history or bust! we must sweep off the dust,
scrape off the rust. it's gonna be us! no time for disgust, only
fighting for the just, and that's a plus. here comes deliverance when
we test yr tolerance.....


why haven't we crucified ian mackaye? he should be deified, not hidden
behind velvet underground lies! but while we're at it i give my
support to all sorts of good sports, not the lords of 6/4 but the
kings of timing. we're not down, we know why, because a lot of our
time is spent wise, like ignoring the canon and getting a handle on
"nothing's unknowable". and nothing can grow until the temperature's
high, and that's now! i said, "guy, it's like '95 never happened..." i
had a feverish dream, like the cop's sleeping with the serial killer
scene, like all the clues were hitting's so obvious!

do the fire, fantasy's a screen between drive and desire.

it's ex-miss on the road i resist the reflection. sweater like
protection from mob perfection. from the inception of the crowd they
might talk too loud for you to think. they, they killed bob, they
ruined santana, spreading mediocrity with cable, not antenna. here it
comes - rock bottom. you say you want matt collins, but i'm not him -
can't make eye contact when you're talking. could be your intentions
are rotten, could be i expect more than the wars you fought in. i had
a feverish dream in which there was never a sixties, there was no
excuse for hippies, there was no excuse for anything.... isn't that

there's no way that a vegan can eat the rich.. "but i worship the
glitch!" don't be stupid! gang fight with montessori kids and
homeschooled students resulted in track pantsed wounded. ever wonder
what the glue is that keeps them stuck off my street, out of the 3 AM
elite? you know what i read, and i believe what i've been convinced;
that if i breed, that's losing. choosing give up? not for this one,
and i'm ADAMANT. i had a feverish dream, everybody could be me, it's
like a responsibility to lead, the underlying theme is


here's a good reason why i get riled: i spent my teen years as an only
child, didn't meet my siblings 'till i was 25. second proud owner of
my grandmother's smile. and what is the difference between you anyway?
i keep on searching, but i can't find a single thing to tell you two
apart. it's a mark on a chart filled with marks, i may be smart but
i'm not THAT smart. i'm not that smart, in my heart i am part monster,
too sharp, cut deep.. better make another copy 'cause SHE NEVER SLEEPS

brotherfuckers, sisterfuckers, huddle in: nirvana dude's back on the
cover of spin! we're either freak panthers or the getalong
gang. you're like the jerry rubin of the d&d; scene. and who put on the
devendra banhart anyways?? i thought someone here was interested in
partying?! we can't do that now, and i don't see how you get around to
anything. how do you do anything? sure, we sleep in too, but we're not
Rain Man like you, we still do. even so, you better change 'cause
you're always counting things. let the fucking sunshine in!

ripping off everything that isn't nailed down, and trying to pass it
off as if it is your sound. hardcore kids make a diff with crossed
arms and frowns, controlling everything that's coming in and outta
town. and who says orthodoxies don't kill dead?? suddenly food is the
exact same thing as buildings! why can't you have one thing without
trading in the other thing, when you talk about irony, what do you
mean? culturally this decade's been a really bad dream. politically
this decade's been a really bad dream. ecologically speaking, don't
trust the breeze. humanist thinking's a contagious disease...


werewolfing as an excuse to not go out, '83 vintage that comes from
without. having gunjets that killed all the scouts to protect a hoard
of records of a rock called "kraut". can you dig it? well can you wing
it? couldn't cut singing: gonged in a minute. the only crime i
committed was a lighter on the rug. religiously i put the glowing
boxes into me. surprised, like "what the fuck?!" took one step and
lightning struck a robot down... paradise, right? or just another

we don't wanna hurt feelings but the people who keep wasting our time
should shut the fuck up 'cause this is what's up.

the weight of the world is a mighty stone, atop the richest mountain
where the titans roam. jon-rae's the only one in this town they can't
hold, 'cause when you look into his eyes they tell you "yeah, i know."
can i get a witness? some physical fitness? then everybody's finished
'cause of what's in their systems. the only high i'm admitting is "we
don't need this here." all conviction comes from the focus of the
mission. i hear somebody say "what the fuck" like all the time, they
never look. everybody knows they know nothing, well here's something!


fuck that! the hypocrites won that shit, and like ten years on folks
say "it's in the evidence." the coincidence that slipped is the
populace is split, "and there's not a goddamned thing you can do about
it" -- well that's a FUCKING LIE. when will this cynicism die?? and
can we get a spokesperson who isn't gonna cry? our sponsorship sucks,
we need signs on trucks that say "the only thing killing you is ideas"

the racket you make is no nation state, so why're you strutting around
that way? story time - no, looks like - don't resist the projection of
a movie on yr zone. stop the film, stop the video.

artificial countryside was in last year. now you're under duress re:
the pressure from your peers. here, gimme that, watchoo lookin' at?? a
treasure map marked "razamanaz" with live video projections and a
poster of Crass. what the shit? every decorator here thinks they're
Sol Le Witt. what does gesture have to do with authentic and how does
representing the thing equal what it is?? yr shit is full of holes is
why we call it "swiss". just more flags being covered in jizz...


have at you! all of us smiling attack you. the only thing we're
opposed to is yr bad attitude. so plan is: blow it up with satisfying
blastitude. longitude is sucks, so hermeneutic latitude. the new day's
better than the old by ten and next year's a year from now, we'll be
ULTRA by then. car insurance out, and hardcore parents in. they're
like "how we stop it now?" and we're like "mints". we believe in
fresh, not death, and your plan for cities is cemetaries, we're like
unlimited for friends. so it's bad feelings out, good feelings in.

we built a big gun so we could realize our goals. the ammunition's you
a hundred minds, a hundred souls

we did it! proved that dragons existed! everybody's trying to kill us
and we just wanna tell them what the new deal is. no more defeat by
feelings, the drugs yr taking is control they're stealing. bad
psychiatrists call it "healing" but never admit it's dull they're
dealing. they say it doesn't matter what we think 'cause they're the
ones with expertise in these things. all i know is i can treat my
friends better. not into transcendence, trends, or transgressors, we
win with positive vibration! and it's bad feelings out, good feelings

all right now! party went 'till it was light out. bleeding by choice
is the raising of voices! a hundred joined together with turbografx
noises, a room of gifted kids with no idea what poise is. if you make
a point twice you're pointless kid. you're too much of a narc to hang
with the skids. when my opinions get modest dudes call me Swift. ask
me what i'm saying and i tell them "Mints".


hell with no tercels is the worst hell. five minutes after brakes
chasing windmills. we were all born short, that is why we wear
heels. even the pope wants that bass you feel. he's got tinted windows
and purple stripes, every other part of the car is white. when he
honks the horn she knows it's time. arguing all day and every
night. he'll move out of his parents' when she becomes his wife. the
shine on crucifixes makes you blind! who the fuck but jesus can say
you're fine? who the fuck then? god's in me..

fibreglass hummingbird...tiny bird looks rad! the hummingbird's a
civic - jesus died for your sins - catholic fashion, that's not just
bread you're eating

lesson in Civics #1: no hubcaps 'till you're sure you're done. black
windshield keeps out the sun. kinda meaty purr when the engine
runs. hanging out by the girl school all of june, like a line of cabs
but better groomed. local parents think the kids are doomed. sleepy
lids from monoxide fumes. girl he knows leaning on the roof, offers
her a ride but it's no use. hatchback: graduation's kissing
booth. held back - goddammit!!!

pull up to the church peel out like a prayer. and not a god damned
thing can mess my hair. don't need satisfaction 'cause there's
something there beyond what you see, feel, hear, or wear... whatever!
let the priests worry about that! he's on the cross to get my
back. most of the time salvation seems like a trap. bass bins = harps,
halos = hubcaps. we have it figured out, it's the will of the lord:
holiness is black light running boards! it's right there in the bible,
building absorbed, from the first man - i'm adam!